The WKT Raster projects aims at creating a PostgreSQL extension for storage and management of raster data integrating with the existing vector support provided by PostGIS and focused toward use in GIS application.

The initial idea and proposal was developed by Pierre Racine for the BAM project of the Laval University, and presented to the PostGIS community on July 2008. On December 2008 I made myself available to work on the project IFF enough fundings can be gathered.

UPDATE: thanks to initial sponsorship the wktraster project has started in late January 2009. More info can be found at the official (altough possibly temporary) website:
SVN code repository is available at

First step

  1. Define a new RASTER postgresql type. - done
  2. Implement canonical input and output SQL routines. - done
  3. Overlap operator and simple inspectors (bounds, pixels, bands, sizes). - done
  4. Implement an importer producing a table of RASTER tiles from a single raster file.
  5. Implement an SQL aggregate to return a jpeg from a set.

The estimate for the first step is 30k EUR.

If anyone is interested in co-founding this work please send me an email here: