I love music, who doesn't ?
I prefer music that says something worth keeping in heart, and this is possible for any combination of armony, melody, lyrics and rhythm.


In 2005 I finally bought a piano, after dreaming about it since I had to stop taking lessons cause I didn't have one (ages ago). It's an electric one, a GEM with 88 weighted keys and dynamics. Had tought about a real one, would have been fun to tune it, but would have also been a pain to do it when forced to... No complains: has a good quality sound, and costed less then 1k EUR, which is fine. Also, it has a MIDI interface; not that I really plan to use it, but if it ever hits me, I can :)

So, I'm now trying to get serious about playing with it and music in general. With the help of LilyPond I'm working on transcriptions of music I like for me and my friends to study and play.

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