Topology cleaning with PostGIS

An early tester of the new PostGIS Topology submitted an interesting dataset which kept me busy for a couple of weeks fixing a bunch of bugs related to numerical stability/robustness. Finally, the ST_CreateTopoGeo function succeeded and imported the dataset as a proper topological schema. Here’s what it looks like: At a first glance it doesn’t seem to be particularly problematic. Here’s the composition summary: But the devil hides at high zoom levels.

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Ming 0.4.4 released

I’m happy to announce that release 0.4.4 of the Ming library is out. Ming is an SWF output library with binding for C, C++, PHP, Perl, Python and more. It’s stable, alive and waiting for you at his new [github][1] location. Don’t let Flash get in your way, do your part for an open web! Changes in this release: Generally improve swftoscript and decompiler Change makefdb to name output files by font ID, to play nicer with swftoscript.

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PostGIS topology ISO SQL/MM complete

PostGIS implementation of the ISO SQL/MM Topology-Geometry model is finally complete. The SQL/MM model is just a portion of the whole topology support, but an important one, including schema definition and functions to create and populate the schema with primitive components (nodes, edges, faces). In addition to the base model, PostGIS adds a TopoGeometry data type for use wherever you would normally use a Geometry type, except the former will be defined by references to primitive, shared, topological components.

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GEOS 3.3.1 released

The first bugfix release in the 3.3 branch of GEOS was released today. Anyone running 3.3.0 is recommended to upgrade. Changes can be read here, package can be downloaded here. By the way… did you try the PHP binding yet ? Configure with --enable-php to take a look !

Hack fever 2 : super mario sound

I was supposed to leave for holidays on August 1st, but a summer fever held me back. As it became traditional, I took the chance to do some Gnash hacking, approaching a bug that made playing Super Mario Bros unpleasant. The mario sound didn’t stop on game over thus overlapping with the new sound started for the new game. Annoying. After some research the help came from Jan Flanders, an usual attender of the #gnash IRC channel.

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Getting just the tip of a remote git branch

As projects move their code under git control, people get frustrated about being unable to do most basic operations they are used to perform with SVN or CVS. That’s a fact, so let’s see if I can relief some pain by sharing what I know or learn as I crawl the learning curve myself. Yesterday I’ve met with Markus Neteler and he was complaining about being unable to checkout the release branch of QuantumGIS without filling up his laptop hard drive.

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GEOS 3.3.0

GEOS 3.3.0 is out: This release introduces a fair amount of new C-API interfaces and a brand new PHP binding. Full details in the NEWS file: As with any release since 3.0.0 there is complete binary compatibility with clients linked against the C-API. These include, but are not limited to, PostGIS. For a list of known clients: (add yours, if not already listed!) GEOS is a C++ port of the JTS Topology Suite.

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Software libero e tecnologie partecipative

Lunedi’ 6 Giugno 2011 alle 20:30 presso la sede dell’ associazione Cubibi’ di Ispra si terra’ un’ incontro aperto sul software libero e le tecnologie partecipative. L’ incontro e’ rivolto a tutti coloro che coltivano la propria curiosita’ come una risorsa e vogliono scoprire qualcosa in piu’ sugli strumenti elettronici che mediano sempre piu’ le nostre attivita’ personali e sociali estendendone o limitandone le possibilita’, aiutando od ostacolando la nostra capacita’ di scelta.

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PostGIS / GEOS / MapServer with git

I’ve setup git mirrors of PostGIS, GEOS and MapServer SVN repositories updated hourly. You can clone the git repositories and re-attach to the SVN ones with this simple script (untested): After that you can run git svn rebase to get changes from SVN or git pull to get changes from GIT (may be one hour late) Happy hacking !

Why Political Liberty Depends on Software Freedom More Than Ever

I’ve spent a few days adding Italian subtitles to a video recording of the speech given by Eben Moglen at FOSDEM 2011 about privacy, freedom and net neutrality. I would have liked to embed the video right here, but these advanced friendly systems make everything so… ehm… difficult ! Well, take a look at the simple version of it 🙂