Slivers of life

The first album of our jazz trio is finally completed. It took a few months to find the time to sit together in the wonderful tiny studio of Danilo, the pianist and producer. It didn’t help that me and Elisabetta, the singer, moved 3 hours away from the studio to attend a jazz accademy, following our hearts.

I’m playing the trumpet, a small and lovely instrument I’ve had the pleasure to start playing around spring 2017, blowing into it daily ever since. On the lake beach, in the archeological park, in the urban park, even in the botanical garden on the other side of the world.

My trumpet represents my getting back to myself, to my body, in connection to my soul. All computers and no music was making me a dull boy.

Trumpet is a real thing, a physical instrument, an amplifier of your lips vibration. Not a chip driven speaker with mathematically defined rules, but a physical laws obeying device. It taught me about harmonic series, about resonance, about my diaphragm and breathing.

Trumpet taught me to remember about myself, and soundly cure me.

To my experience, playing the trumpet is very similar to chanting mantras, it can have the same effects on the brain and the body.

Hoping you can enjoy some of it, happy listening !