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Gnash 0.8.10 released

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

After one year of gestation, Gnash 0.8.10 is finally out.

It fixes many compatibility issues (fixing from Google Dict to Camtasia and Captivate outputs, to a while category of interactive games), enhances user experience (popups on limits hit, gnome thumbnailer, QT4 mousewheel support), implements more of the SWF8 specs (BitmapData perlin noise), introduces new accelerated renderer (OpenVG) and better framebuffer GUI (touchscreen aware).

This is the first Gnash release after Adobe announcement of giving up Flash for HTML5 in the mobile market. Battery life is king for mobile devices, so being able to enable compile-time optimizations both for general or specific SWF interpretation makes Gnash a solid alternative.

Hack Fever

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Got seasonal flu this week, forcing me home… Nothing better for some Gnash hacking !

I had this itch to scratch for degradation of experience in playing the wonderful Winterbells game.

It started in June when I realized that Gnash-0.8.8 could not start the game properly and was suspiciously slower than 0.8.7. In late July I put playback under profile and found out that the performance penalty was introduced by a compatibility fix (property name case in SWF up to 6).

So, with high temperature and kid at school, I resolved to do something about it: first I fixed the startup problem, then I created an objecturi git branch to proof-test caching of lowercase property keys as a mechanism to improve lookups.

Now it’s friday and flu is over, so I need to clean up and put the toys away.

Luckly, we are talking about freeĀ  (as in freedom) software, so it’s easy to find friends caring about the toys and happy to play togheter! So I had a chat with Ben resulting in a proper plan, and he agreed to go on playing some more and cleanup afterwards.

Ain’t Free software wonderful ?