Hack Fever

I had this itch to scratch for degradation of experience in playing the wonderful Winterbells game. It started in June when I realized that Gnash-0.8.8 could not start the game properly and was suspiciously slower than 0.8.7. In late July I put playback under profile and found out that the performance penalty was introduced by a compatibility fix (property name case in SWF up to 6). So, with high temperature and kid at school, I resolved to do something about it: first I fixed the startup problem, then I created an objecturi git branch to proof-test caching of lowercase property keys as a mechanism to improve lookups.

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Feed the bats

My bats are gone with the spring, leaving behind what looks like delicious food! These insects came out from who knows where and filled up the walls of our house. They do look like Clothing Moths and probably are, but contrary to what wikipedia says they don’t seem to prefer low light as we often see them around light bulbs. This invasion is mining our will to remain in the house, which is a pity as there’s a wonderful garden out here and flowers are popping out on a daily basis :/

UNICODE from OSM to PGSQL (part 2)

There is no problem importing OSM data into PostgresSQL / PostGIS. In part one of the article we’ve seen Geofabrik’s shapefiles having a text data truncation problem, but using osm2pgsql everything gets into an UTF-8 database without a failure. It’s as simple as: The -l switch aks for keeping lat/long projection, -c requests creation of the schema, -d specifies the database to use. The default.style file is a configuration specifying what to import and how; I used the default for the sake of this test.

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This week I’ve been presented with a problem importing OpenStreetMap data of Africa from GeoFabrik’s shapefile export into a PostgreSQL / PostGIS database. The problem consisted in a loss of information during the transport, resulting in wrongly encoded strings (road names) ending up in the db. This was during a feasibility study. So, is that feasible ? Let’s take a look. I downloaded the shapefiles and tried to import the roads one using shp2pgsql with no options, and here’s the result:

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Meet the bats

Since I moved in a new house I got to know bats. Could be due to the fact the house was inhabitated for some time. Thing is, every now and then a bat or two come out from who-knows-where and start flying around the sitting room. First time we met it was at late night. Diana woke me up scared. “What’s that thing flying around?!” It took a lot of time and cold before we succeeded at sending it out the window.

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